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2018 Dates

Friday • March 09 • 5PM - 11PM
Saturday • March 10 • 9AM - 11PM
Sunday • March 11 • 11AM - 6PM

OurTownAmerica Non-Profits

OurTownAmerica, Inc. is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization.

Local community service organizations and other non-profit organizations will host the great food booths. Participating community non-profit groups include:

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For more information about participating as a Vendor in OurTownAmerica, please call 954-752-0126 or email us at ourtownamerica@yahoo.com



OurTownAmerica Food Booth Instructions for March 10 - March 12, 2017
Any questions or problems call: 954-752-0126

Food booths are located on the east side of the Coral Springs Sportsplex parking lot by the Tennis Center just west of the pond. They are between the entertainment tent and the fence leading to the amusements. For clarification, they will be numbered 1 through 7 starting with number 1 at the north end of the row near the entertainment tent.

Each tent is 10 feet by 10 feet and has another 6 feet of room behind it. Lights are provided as well as one long table, two folding chairs, and two tubs for icing down sodas. A banner with your name and cuisine style will be provided thanks to Coke.

The order of the food booths will be as follows: 1 is Kiwanis Beer and Wine, 2 is Key Club and ABWA Philly Cheesesteaks, 3 is Sons of Italy Pizza, Pasta and Zeppole, 4 is Coral Springs Museum of Art Italian wrap, 5 is Broadway Dancers Meatball and Sausage & Pepper Sandwiches, 6 and 7 is Knight of Columbus Funnel Cakes, Chicken Wings, Hamburgers, Hot Dogs and Fries.

Bring adequate size extension cords to connect to central circuit breakers provided at the center of the rear section of the booths. The span could be as much as 70 feet to your booth depending on where you are. Washing station will be provided behind booth 5.

Bring a current certified ABC fire extinguisher if you have cooking going on in your booth.

Ice must be purchased from the central source managed by booth 7 people.

All soft drinks must be purchased from the event source (Coca Cola products) managed by booth 7 people. They will keep track of what you take and ask for cash payment at the end of the event (Sunday).

Cases cannot be returned for credit.

Soft drinks must be sold by all food booths. No alcoholic beverages may be sold by the food booths. Frozen lemonade and ice-cream are also not allowed because there are satellite booths selling them.

Set up can start 7:30 AM on Friday. All cars and trucks must be removed from the food booth area by 4:00 on Friday. After the event on Sunday, you may pull your transport vehicles up to your booth again.

Hours of operation are Friday: 6PM to 11PM; Saturday: 10AM to 11PM; Sunday: 11AM to 6PM. The beer booth will close 30 minutes early on the three evenings. The rides will stay open until 9:00PM on Sunday.

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